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Currentaly I have a total of 8 (Ok ok I am a gun whore)diffrent markers including a Tippmann A5, Tippmann ProCarbine, Tippmann 68 Carbine, Tippmann SL 68II, Ariakon Overlord, Autocker 05 SuperStock, Autococker Trilogy Tactical and Trilogy Sport. My first marker was the A5 which has been customized and changed many diffrent times and ways over the years, but its almost compleate now. So most will ask why do I want/Need more markers, simple answer, diffrent markers for diffrent tasks and styles of play. For example the A5 has become my support marker, with a high rate of fire, its great for keeping heads down, but if I want to go more of a accurate sniper style role then I am taking the pro carbine. Dose everyone need lots of markers, answer No, but if you enjoy modifying and tinkering with thigns havign a few diffrent projects on the go and diffrent ideas means havign more markers is a blast. So lets get down to it, First off a few shots of all my toys as they are now and then we will go marker by marker. Sorry for not havign the best pictures, they will be updated when I can take pictures of them outside in the fun and grass.

Tippman A5

Ariakon Overlord

Tippman ProCarbine

Tippman 68 Carbine

Tippmann SL 68II

Autocker Trilogy Tactical

Autocker Trilogy Sport

Autocker SuperStock


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