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This is my Paintball website, tho I am betting you figured that out by now. Been playing paintball since 1999(Shot a reff my first time, not my fault he never had a reff jersey on), and seriously since 2005, so needless to say I am not new to the sport. If you have never played paintball, I suggest you try it as its great fun for everyone from the serious gamer to the casual person just wanting a fun day. Don't let anyone tell you what style of paintball to play either, RecBall, Woodball or speedball, (Rec/WoodBall player) try them all and decide for yourself.

In this site, I hope to show off my markers and equipment as I do take great pride in my equipment, mostly because I have a hard time leaving anything stock. I personalize everything and try to improve the performance of equipment if at all possible. I find modding the equipment to be as much fun as playing the game itself, like a race car driver who spends hours fixing and making there car better, its a sport and a hobby. There will de a section devoted to howto's for various things including any personal modifications I have come up with for my equipment that people may be interested in. I will also provide links of sites that I have found to be extremely useful and hope others will use them. In general I hope you enjoy and find my site useful.



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